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Majority of pharmacy items – ITI, Pure Encapsulations, Priority One, Wise Woman and hundreds of others


For Xymogen products if you need referral code – and this link does not work, RNHC with Mcdonald as last name of doc.


BioTE products – but this will still always be carried in office as well.


Invitation code: d96fba24 for all desbio drops (virus combination, hormone combination etc).


For all powders from Nutrametrix – digestive enzymes, OPC3, Immune, B complex, Vitamin D3 with K2.



At the moment, this will still be carried in the office. We are still working on getting it back on Amazon – if you need it and the office is too far away, you can find it on Amazon – search NutraXience and Lentinex – different label but still same product. Sometimes you need to click buying options if it doesn’t give you the add to cart option.

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Verified Patient

Amazing Doctor! She took the time to really listen to me and understand my concerns! Within a few weeks under her care I was finally feeling like my old self, after over a year of feeling miserable! Thank you Dr. McDonald!

70 year old female

I finally found someone to listen. After years of seeing so many doctors, Dr. McDonald actually took the time to listen to me, hear my concerns, and find solutions! I am forever grateful.

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