Back to School

With the return of most kids to school comes a new challenge - staying healthy!  The next 2 months are always hectic in the office with lots of colds and unhealthy kids.  Take a few steps to prevent that back to school cold....

1.  Lots of water.  I know some school districts have policies which do not allow children to have any liquids with them during the day, but a doctor could always write you a note to get by this rule.  The more water they drink during the day, the more they are able to flush toxins out of their system.

2.  Vitamin D.  Consider getting them a healthy, high quality and absorbable form of vitamin D (dosing depends on child's size, age and sun exposure) to take to improve their immune system.  We sell several forms of vitamin D at the office, all safe for children.

3.  Sleep.  This probably doesn't affect the elementary school age kids as much, but as homework amounts increase, please remember that sleep is crucial for their growth and successful learning.  Also, with a lack of sleep comes a decrease in immune function leaving them more susceptible to catching the colds.

4. Diet.  Please make sure you never let your kids go to school without a healthy breakfast and some healthy lunch options.  In our house, time is not our friend in the mornings, so we started making smoothies everyday.  I know the girls will get their vitamins, healthy oils, protein and some fruits and vegetables before they start their day.  Also, really evaluate school lunches - most of the time it is just a pile of processed non-nutritious options. 

I wish everyone a healthy 2013-2014 school year!

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