Virtual Racing

As I became more involved in the racing Facebook groups and websites, I learned of a an interesting fundraising idea that many runners utilize: virtual races.   

Virtual races are ones that you sign up for and complete within the expected time set up by the organizer.  It is a great way to increase your bling collection or help friends get to the races they are raising money for or support a cause you feel is worthy.  

For the next three months, I am trying out Jost Running and their virtual race program. The month of August is dedicated to the ALS Association.  I went out this morning and ran my 5K and thought of one of the most wonderful woman I have ever known; Toni Erickson.  She battled this horrible disease with such courage and beauty.  We lost an amazing person when Toni passed last year, but the miracles she brought to the world remain because of the lives she touched!  She was one of the local midwives in our community and my personal midwife.  I know our family will always remember "Grandma Toni" every year when we celebrate my daughters' birthdays.  

I really enjoyed running this morning, even though it was on the treadmill, having something positive to think about.   

When I first learned about the virutal races, I thought it was just a great way to gain more bling for my wall, but I never signed up for any.  After today's run, I think it is a great way to support others and bring meaning to some of those dull training runs - or a way to add another race to a "raceless" month.   

Please take a look at the Jost Running site and see if any of the upcoming runs look like something you may want to try.  Also, you do not have to be a runner - because these races are done on your time in your schedule, there are no time limits and walkers are accepted too!  

Good luck and happy virtual racing!