Bad Timing or Poor Planning?!

Do you ever wonder how life can sneak up on you and something you have been planning for for months is here already?! That always seems to happen to me - but this time I don't think it was all my fault.  Thankfully, I have been running regularly and did my 10K/Half marathon weekend 2 weeks ago so I feel somewhat prepared for Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare this coming weekend.  

When we lost the first house we owned (was our rental home at the time) to fire on 11/5/12, I never thought that the completion of the house - our move - and DDD would all happen in the same week (oh yeah and swim practice beginning and Middle school orientation for my daughters).  

Well, as life always has different plans, that is what happened - so - I will be unpacking boxes up until 4am on Thursday when I head to Disneyland with my running buddy Diana and conquer the Inaugural Dumbo Challenge.  

I have not had much time to run the last 2 weeks and hope that my months of training will leave me ready to smile, laugh and run through the parks and the streets of Anaheim!

Best wishes to all the other DDD runners out there and looking forward to seeing many friends over the wekend.