Why do I run?

At least once a week I am asked - "Why do you run so often?" or "Why do you try and run so many miles a week?" or even "Why do you run?"   

I have a history of being a runner - although never competitively.  I ran in college with my girlfriend Ali as a way to fight those freshman 15.  I ran in medical school, around Greenlake, as a way to handle to stress. Then my knees starting giving me troubles and  I stopped running.  When I was given the "challenge" to try for the Coast to Coast Medal by running the runDisney Princess Half Marathon and the runDisney Disneyland Half Marathon, I decided to go for it and see how things went.  

Well, that was it, as people around me know, because I am now in the middle of my race a month year and loving every mile that I put on my shoes!  

So, I started running to see if I could run and finish a half marathon but I continue to run to make sure that Multiple Sclerosis doesn't get the best of me (and I do have an affinity for the bling at the finish line).

My exchange "sister" from when I was 16 is also a runner!  We stayed in touch for a few months after our exchanges were over, but lost touch for over 10 years.  Thanks to Facebook and Jo's search, we are connected again and have learned that we are both runners.  I don't think either of us would have thought this would be a common habit we would share, but it is fun to cheer each other on from a distance.  Jo runs marathons. I am not there, yet!

This morning she shared a link with me of a woman who just finished running 366 marathons over 365 days! Yes, you read that right, she ran a marathon a day for a year. That is impressive enough, but she too has a diagnosis of MS! She wondered if her mind and body could push through the diagnosis and complete such an amazing goal.  She has broken the world record! In my mind, she is a testament to the power of exercise and goal setting!  Way to go Annette!

I have a set a smaller goal for myself, but a goal just the same.  My goal is to run a race a month - originally it was for a half marathon a month, but that didn't work into my schedule.  I ran a 5K with my family in March and a 12K in April and then every other month has a half involved.   

No matter where you start, or how fast you run, crossing the finish line feels the same to everyone! It is an accomplishment - whether it is a 5K, 10K, half or full marathon!  So, set a goal and get out there and accomplish it!