5 days until Half Marathon #8 (Rock n Roll Seattle)

As I was running my 6 miles this morning, I started to wonder how other people keep conditioned when running multiple long races in a row?   

May began my stretch of a half marathon a month for 7 months and I wonder if I need to hit double mileage for my long runs every week now, or if doing a 11/12 mile run 2 weeks before the next race will work just fine.  As much as I love to run, not having a running companion to hit the trails for those long run days make the training a bit more difficult.  I love the area that I train around - often seeing Bald Eagles, deer or even the local ostrich who loves to chase the fence line with me - but don't enjoy being out there for a few hours alone.  

How do you help pass the time if you are a solo running?  Do you end up working out more on treadmills or changing up your music daily?