Product Review: energybits

As a doctor and a runner, I am often asked what I think of this product brand or another one.  Typically, my answers are the same - where is the research?  do they third party independent test each batch?  what type of quality control do they adhere to?  It is not often that I do end up reviewing or trying out products because I expect the best from companies.  

Recently, I contacted energybits (link at bottom of review) to see if I could try out their spirulina algae tablets.  I liked the fact that there was nothing else in the tablets but the algae. 

Last week, I went to gym dreading my afternoon workout (it happens even to the best of us) but knew that I had to get in an additional run that week.  I was tired, my head was feeling fuzzy and I was unmotivated - perfect time to try out these bits.  I took 15 of them (suggested dose is 30 tablets, but I wanted to start slow) and headed in to the gym to hit the treadmill.  My plan was to run 2 miles just to say I ran - but before I knew  I had run 4.35 miles (and felt like I could keep going)  and realized I was going to be late picking up my daughters from school!  

As I drove my "taxi" job, I thought back on my run and realized that I had a clear head, almost felt like things seemed brighter and was full of energy!  I definitely left the gym after my run a much different person than I had entered.  My husband called and asked me how was I doing and I told him I was great!  He asked me what was up and I explained my experience.  The next thing he asked - when can I try them?! 

I immediately emailed Jonathon at energybits and told him my experience - I was wondering how great I would feel at a "full" dose.  

Since then, I am happy to say I have become an energybits ambassador and am happy to offer any of my clients, friends or readers a 30% discount off of their purchases by inputting the discount code: dockaylee at the shopping cart screen.  


Have your tried energybits?  What are your thoughts?  Please share and let me know.  I hope to have more updates on the benefits of algae as I continue my personal trials of the bits.