Annette Funicello

I was trying to decide on a topic to talk about when the news came over my facebook page yesterday- Annette Funicello passed away at age 70. 

It is amazing to me how FB has become the outlet for news updates. Who needs to watch the depressing news? All your friends will share any major news quicker than the local news.

Annette Funicello, the beloved Mouseketeer from the Mickey Mouse Club,  had MS.  She was diagnosed in 1987, but did not go public with the information until 1992.  It must have been difficult to tell the world that she was suffering from such an unpredictable disease. Thankfully, the world will always remember her as a Mouseketeer, or for her bubbly songs like "Pineapple Princess" or her movie roles with Frankie Avalon.   

Annette Funicello will be missed by many, but may there be some peace in the thought that she is no longer suffering from this disease.  We can hope that she is dancing, singing and laughing again without pain!

We all plan and hope to fight any diagnosis we are given with strength and dignity.  I only hope that I will always remember the positive even when my eyesight might get a bit more blurry,  my arms get tingly or my feet seem numb. 

Rest in Peace Annette!  Thank you for showing so many how to fight this disease with such beauty and joy. 

For more information, you can visit her official page