Mom Time

It always surprises me how many times I end up having conversations with first time patients about the importance of taking care of themselves! 

During my initial visits, I typically spend about 40-45 minutes finding out their health concerns, health history and other details about their lives.  I always ask questions about what they do for fun, the exercise in their life, how they handle stress and sleep habits.  Some of those sound like common questions for a doctor's appointment, but not all.  

Whether you are a mom to 5 children, pregnant, a nanny or a pet owner; Carpe Diem and take some time daily or weekly for yourself.  It doesn't matter what you are doing as long as it is something that is fun, relaxing and just for you.  There is nothing selfish about planning "me time" into your hectic schedule.  

Today's post is going to be short so that I can head outside and enjoy a rare and unusual sunshine filled Tuesday in the Pacific Northwest and follow my own advice!