Disbelief - Boston Marathon 2013

There are really no words that can describe how I felt yesterday as I began getting the tweets/texts/IMs about the explosions at the Boston Marathon finish line.  I was at the office until 5pm and with patients all day, so I was unable to view any of the news reports or videos and was trying to figure things out based on social media information.  

My sadness and disbelief runs deep, as I am sure it does for many people.  I sit here today, in my runDisney Princess Half Marathon shirt in support of Boston, and am still in disbelief....

Disbelief that this actually happened at an event for celebration and achievement.

Disbelief that there were lives lost and people injured as they participated in or supported others during such a monumental day.

Disbelief that runners' dreams of completing the Boston Marathon were shattered so close to the finish line. 

Disbelief that something that I cherish and use to show my strength and health was subject to such an act of violence. 

I realize I am new to the running world, but it is a community filled with love, support and camaraderie. Within the last 2 years, I have made amazing friendships and received humbling support from relative strangers.  

I started running to prove to myself that Multiple Sclerosis would not stop me from achieving my goals.  As I crossed the finish line of my 5th half marathon with a PR of 1:59, the joy was overwhelming and I wandered the area with tears of joy in my eyes.  

The finish line - a place of pure joy and celebration!  A place to say, "I did it!" 

I will be running 4.09 miles (the time on the race clock when the explosions occurred) today in honor of the Boston Marathon (along with many other runners) and show the world that runners are #UnitedforBoston!

Together we stand stronger than ever!

Taken from many different Facebook posts, but it sums up many feelings 

Taken from many different Facebook posts, but it sums up many feelings