The Joy of Green Smoothies

One thing that has become a staple in our lives over the past year is our green smoothies for breakfast.  It is something I always would recommend to patients, but never thought I would get my daughters to drink. 

You never know where your children will find inspiration to be healthier - who would have thought that it would be at our local Costco! On a typical Saturday family adventure to the "$350.00 store" both my daughters stood in line to try a Blendtec smoothie sample from the demo guy.  I watched in shock as they drank a full glass of spinach/grape/pineapple juice.  I almost fell over when they turned to Scott and I and asked if we could buy one of the blenders and have those for breakfast!  As they proceeded to stand there for the next 20 minutes while we shopped, they enjoyed chicken tortilla soup and spinach almond milk ice cream and could not stop raving about how amazing it all tasted. 

We bought the machine and walked out spending well over $350.00, of course, but we were on our way to a healthier morning habit.  

A luxury of being a physician, is that I have access to the most wonderful lines of pure, clean, and 3rd party tested supplements. After Costco, I went to our local farm stand and picked up several vegetables and fruits and then went to the office for the necessary supplements.  

For almost a year now, we have enjoyed our variation of a "green smoothie" almost daily.  Yes, my daughters do whine occasionally that they don't want to drink it, but ultimately, they do!  

Currently, the McDonald Smoothie contains a full amino acid vegan protein powder, antioxidants, vitamin D, fish oil, methylated B vitamins, spinach, kale, carrots, beets, chia seeds and frozen fruit (the perfect recipe took a while to figure out - without having it be too heavy on the vegetable taste or too high in the fructose content!).  Not sure how others get all those goodies into their children, but having them drink 6 oz of health every morning makes me feel like a better parent. I know they are able to focus better during their morning classes and they stay healthy when all the other colds and flu's are going around their schools. 

If you would like additional information on any of the items that we put into the smoothies or other supplements, please post a message or send an email to

Best wishes on your journey to health! Please post comments with your favorite smoothie ingredients, recipes or success stories.  

Disclaimer: The above information is just my personal opinion and I have no affiliation with Costco or Blendtec.