Welcome to my world of Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust

Welcome to my blog .... which has been a long time in the works.  Do you ever get an idea, but finding the time to make it happen just seems impossible? Well, being a mom, doc in a private practice, lecturer and runner makes my free time a little sparse.

I have been wanting to blog my journey into the running world, my struggle with Multiple Sclerosis, my health tips and my love of Disney for years, so here we go!  

My name is Kaylee McDonald, or as my younger patients call me, DocKaylee (which also has a connection with my love of DIsney).  I have been in private practice in Buckley, WA since 1997 and offer a primary care family physician practice. 

My life drastically changed on 8/1/08 when I lost the eyesight in my left eye.  It was a quick road to a new diagnosis of MS and a speedy learning curve for self treatment.  Although my eyesight has never fully returned, I feel I have battled this obstacle well and would like to share my tales.  

The best challenge presented itself in June 2011 when my friend, Susie, invited me to run in the Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World in Feb 2012.  Until that point, I was struggling with frequent exacerbations and the feeling of overwhelm with my diagnosis and possible future.  When I put on my first pair of "glass slippers" my world changed for the best!

I hope to share with you my success tales, my path to wellness, my pointers and my struggles along the way.  For now, so I don't overwhelm you, I will leave my into basic and will continue my tales tomorrow....

Thanks for joining me along my new path to share my story and maybe help someone else along the way, whether it is with their health, their running or even their vacation questions! 

Here's to many tales of Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust!