Doctor Heal Thyself

Sometimes it is very easy to forget about the reality of life!  Often times in my practice, I spend a fair amount of time telling patients about the importance of self care or "me time" and how crucial it is to your health.  

I was reminded of that point yesterday when I woke with my left leg numb.  At first I was certain it was just that I had slept on it wrong, but as the day wore on and the symptom did not improve, I had to accept that this was likely a Multiple Sclerosis symptom.  I will admit that I am lucky enough to often forget that I have the diagnosis of MS.  Of course, I will always have visual issues, but after 5 years, that doesn't really seem to bother me much at all.  I have learned how to live and compensate with that permanent state.  

I reflected on this numbness and realized it was probably time to admit that I am not superwoman (although we all like to think we can be).   

I went to bed early last night, did not go the gym this morning and drank my smoothie before I started my day.  I got to the office early and had a session in the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber and gave my body a chance to increase it's own stem cells to speed up my healing.  I also started taking mega doses of glutathione and would have done a glutathione push if I had any extra needles at the office.  

Looking back at the recent weeks, our family has been going non-stop with all the daily activities.  Looking forward, I know I have several more big events coming up, so taking some time now to give my body a break seems like the best thing to do.  

Now, if I can just realize that "me time" and down time are crucial every day, not just when things feel off, that would be perfect.   

Please remember to always take time for yourself and not let day to day life requirements overwhelm you.