Chronic Cerebro-Spinal Venous Insufficiency

When Dr. McDonald began her career in medicine, she always had an interest in Multiple Sclerosis. Her Uncle Joel suffered with the disease through much of her life. Dr. McDonald wanted to understand this misunderstood disease and try and help her Uncle. Unfortunately, he passed away before she had graduated, but the interest in the disease has not lessened.

In 2008, Dr. McDonald was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis herself. Since then, the focus on MS has obviously increased. Not many successful new options are present in the allopathic world, so she stayed with what she believed in and has treated heserlf with Naturopathic modalities. With this increased focus on MS, research into other neurological conditions has become a focus as well. The clinic now deals with Autism and the Autistic Spectrum, Parkinson's, migraines and ADD/ADHD conditions.

In 2009, new research was released by Dr. Paolo Zamboni of Italy. He felt he had discovered another possible cause of MS that was unrelated to the immune system. He found that all of the MS patients he tested had narrowings in their jugular veins (drainage from the brain) and therefore had a build up of iron in the brain which caused the lesions. When he performed angioplasty on the narrowings, the patients MS symptoms improved.

RNHC is now a strong supporter of the CCSVI procedure as a part of the treatment for MS. Dr. McDonald does not believe that it is the cause of MS, but rather that it is a significant obstacle to cure in MS patients. In addition the procedure, the clinic is working on a post treatment protocol to support the venous system, support detox and help to prevent the recurrence of symptoms as quickly as patients are relapsing.

At the current time, there are very few locations that are still offering the procedure, please call the office with any questions and we will be glad to help direct you to the proper locations.